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My Initial Midterm Reactions

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1 minute ago, wolves said:

Yes. I mean that entirely.

I'm not saying felons shouldn't vote. I'm saying the opposite. The USA's legal system is built on money and trying to attain more of it, they don't care about anything but that.

Oh. The context eluded me. I didn't know, off the cuff, who Gillum was. Well, as they say, ALL of the major socio-political factions in the U.S. have billionaire corporate backers. Soros and Winfrey back the SJW crowd. Gates and the "Oracle of Omaha" (what was his name) back Social Democrats. The heads of J.P. Morgan and Walmart back mainstream Democrats (Hillary Clinton sits on the board of directors of Walmart). The Koch Brothers support conservative libertarians. The family that runs Chick-fil-A support "Christian conservatives." Cheney and the Haliburton board support the neo-cons. Donald Trump, while the cherished POLITICAL outsider from Washington, D.C. his support base thought was a real feature was - surprise - a billionaire corporate, and so is Mark Cuban, whose toyed several times with a run lately. Only a real, true, died-in-the-wool, vanguard Communist of conviction would overtly be so unendorsed and refuse such endorsement, but, despite McCarthyist namecalling by Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, and such, that a significant portion of Americans have come to believe, including several posters and former posters on these forums, there are NO Americans who can truly and honestly be called Communists of significant or notable influence, sway, or elected positions anywhere in the United States. And, most socially visible and influential religious leaders who consider themselves Christian will not rebuke the power or influence of Mammon, but warp their ministries away from Christ's own message to contrive justification for gleefully embracing it, it is a sorry state of affairs indeed.

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Arizona is going down to the wire. Sinema has the lead currently, so the night in the Senate may not look as bad as once thought. There are some weird voting incidents in Florida, which could propel Nelson to victory in a subsequent recount. 

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