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I notice that in both PMI Canada and UK, there are endorsers with +5 momentum bonuses and if one has run a good campaign, getting a lot of endorsers in the last few days does massively increase momentum, in some cases to +30ish. Coupled with ads targeted at the opposition, this makes for a pretty surefire way of ensuring overly large majorities. This could probably be toned down a bit. 

Probably unrelated but this seems a good a place as any to mention it, but in the Australia 2016 campaign, it seems abnormally easy to win a very large majority regardless of if I'm playing Liberal or Labor, every time I play as the Liberals, I can easily end up with a majority in my own right without the need for National support. Even if I space through as a minor party, there's always a large majority. I'm not sure what causes it though, perhaps there's a high number of not-so-committed voters who switch easily?

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27 minutes ago, admin_270 said:


Thanks for this feedback - once preferences are done, I'll be looking at Australia 2019.

But still ignoring to even willing or give committed statement on updating or creating games that would allow MMP, PR, or STV elections to actually work - the VAST majority of elections in the world today... *sigh* :(

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