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Your News Sources

Which News Sources Do you Check Regularly?  

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  1. 1. Which of the following News Sources do you check regularly (at least 5x a week):

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BBC and aggregate sources like Google News and Twitter.

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51 minutes ago, vcczar said:

New Poll

CBC Newsworld, CTV the National, the Edmonton Journal (Southam News) online. Those are the regularly-checked ones, though a lot of specifically-checked outlets for specific stories, points-of-view, and perspectives are checked by context as appropriate.

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30 minutes ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

CNN, Fox, Infowars, Russia Today, and FiveThirtyEight.

Russia Today is probably the least biased of all of them.

I find CBC Newsworld to be much more objective and professional regarding stories OUTSIDE Canada than ALL the ones on @vcczar's list - the problem is, they have a strong Liberal bias (as in the Canadian political party, specifically, not necessarily the U.S.-defined socio-political movement) in domestic news.

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I mostly follow newswires (Reuters, AP, AFP). I prefer to consume my news without editorialization/spin.

There are a number of news outlets on the anti-intervention left, center and right (The Nation, The Intercept, Consortium News, Antiwar.com, The American Conservative, Ron Paul Institute), and have a few sources I follow for military updates (Southfront is pretty good and has great maps; I also follow DEFCONWarningSystems - unofficial to be clear - and ELINT News on Twitter).

BTW one major outlet omitted from the poll (understandable due to the limit) is WSJ.

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I Rarely use any one source very often. Really the only sites that would be 5x per week would be Political Wire and 538

Places like the Washington Post, and the Economist are more what I go to for info on topics, as opposed to for them directly.

PBS, CBS, and BBC for the more "watching the news" kind of thing(though not 5x per week)

I do go to more obviously biased places like the Daily Kos and various subreddits for either just a quick look at current events or things like polls, activism, etc.

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