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USA 2004 - New version

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Barnstorming and LOTS of it, two ENORMOUS scandals near the end against Bush, ineffective campaigning by Badnark and Nader, and Hillary Clinton spent the last week of the game in Texas. I also ran only positive ads, and ran them throughout the campaign.

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Here's what my first attempt produced:

Bush: 492 EV 54% PV

Kerry: 46 EV 42% PV

Nader: 1% PV

Badnarik: 1% PV

While posting, I just realized that these are almost the mirror image of Myke's results....kinda weird.

However, I only won that margin by doing a huge ad blitz in the final week, burning nearly half the $150 million on anti-Kerry attack ads. This overcame the popular tie and electoral deficit that I was facing up to that point.

The only two things that bothered me were the money and the issue stances. The money is purely a taste thing (though the original scenario has it at $75 million to represent federal funds), but the ideologies of the two candidates were downright bothersome. It seems that both Bush and Kerry shifted rightward quite considerably, turning Bush into a sort of rabid right-winger not too different from me and Kerry into a moderate. I'd recommend checking those with issues2000 or one of those websites.

That being said, I enjoyed it a lot. It was nice to have a new challenge and I'll probably keep playing this one for a while. Good work!

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about the issues sincerly all the changes (not so numerous) I did were from what I knew of the 2 candidates, a more "right-wing" vision of Bush on military and security issues, a least "leftist" vision on immigration

about Kerry I had read that he wasn't as favourable to abortion as his party, so I switched him from "left" to "center-left"

I think that's all the changes I did ;)

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Not too shabby... But I was hoping for better. Here's why:


3500 ballots in Texas. Damn. (I had a 7000 vote deficit, but I only need to steal 3500 votes from Bush to make it up... Ralph Nader and Badnarik both killed it for me. Damn.)

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