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What Traits Should the Democratic Challenger have?

What Traits Should the Democratic Challenger Have?   

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  1. 1. Which 5 traits are the most important for the Democratic challenger to Trump in 2020? ***Please pick only 5***

    • Charismatic and energetic
    • A sense of humor
    • Experience as a governor or senator
    • Significant Military experience
    • A Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren Progressive
    • A Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi Liberal
    • A Joe Manchin or Jon Tester moderate
    • Under the age of 60 on election day
    • Relatively new to Washington politics, less than 4 years on election day
    • No Washington experience (Sen, Rep, VP, cabinet officer, etc.)
    • A woman, hispanic, African-American or other minority.
    • High approval rating at home
    • High integrity
    • Aggressive, like Trump, in campaign and during debates.
    • Calm and presidential like Obama in campaign and debates.
    • Anti-Trump
    • No significant political experience (major outsider)
    • Is a billionaire
    • Is closely tied to Obama
    • Other (list below)
  2. 2. What is most important for a Democratic challenger attempting to defeat Trump? Pick one.

    • The Democratic Nominee's Platform
    • The Democratic Nominee's past accomplishments
    • The Democratic Nominee's personality
  3. 3. If unemployment stays low, if wages rise, if we avoid major wars, if Mueller doesn't get to Trump, then Trump will win reelection even with the daily drama he causes

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Political nous.

As long as they have that then nothing else really matters. LBJ had it, JFK had it, Reagan had it, Nixon had it, FDR had it, TR had it, Bill Clinton had it, Abraham Lincoln had it. Some of those were charismatic, others less so. Some were telegenic, some not really telegenic at all. Some were quite old, others quite young. Some were senators, some were governors, others were vice presidents. Some were from the South, others from the North, others from elsewhere. Some were liberal, others moderate or conservative. 

But they were all elected, sometimes against significant odds. And all achieved a lot in office. 

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