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you could make one during episode II and one for return of the jedi

candidates for episode ii:



sen. amidala

jar jar binks

bail organa


mace windu



count dooku

nute gunray

geneosian dude always next to count dooku

darth sidious

for the return of the jedi:



darth vader

captain of the death star


rebel alliance:

mon montha

fish guy

han solo

luke skywalker




just some ideas for ya

i try to make up some issues

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For third parties, for the old trilogy I was goona do...

1. A bounty hunter/Jabba the hut party...Maybe Bounty Hunter Alliance or somthin like that

2. For the other one, people who dont have a political affiliation, Sand People, Droids, Jawas, any other weird people.


A Droids Rights Party? lol i dunno

I found this starwars book of characters thing i have, so i have alot of character ideas

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Canidates so Far:


Darth Vader

Emperor Palpatine

Grand Admiral Thawn

Grand Moff Tarkin

Rebel Aliace:

Princess Lea

Luke Skywalker

Mon Mothma

Admiral Ackbar(Fish Guy)

Han Solo



Lando Calrision

Bounty Hunter Alliance (need name for it):

Jabba the Hut

Bobba Fett


Bossk (in books w/ Fett that take place around jedi..dunno if hes in movies)


Tusken Raider


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i don't know/ the last two movies have benn awful! awful! the clone was was painfully bad, the FX were cool, but the acting, the story, everything was just pathetic

Lucas should've let someone else direct. Empire Strikes back is far and way the best of all of them (I saw the original triliogy when they opened in the theaters, btw - saw Empire first showing day of opening)

a scenerio would be cool though - maybe borrow the wacky sci-fi map that someone did some time ago

i'd play it

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have you ever heard NPRs radio dramatizations?

they are excellent! Star Wars, the first one, is 5 1/2 hours - tons of back story, the actual scene where Vader tortures Leia ......

Empire is like 5 hours I think

Jedi is just over 3 hours (and by then, Mark Hammil had left the project, only orginal cast voice is C3P0)

worth hunting up on WinMX or Soulseek or whatever - i have them all but am still on a dial-up here at the beach, otherwise I'd let you grab them from me (have DSL at home)

worth it, they are awesome!

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the first Star Wars: A new hope (or whatever it was) is the best radio one. full hour of back story before we get to when the movie starts - luke and his buddy/hero pilot guy flying through Begger's Canyon, Leia having dinner w/ some Empire lackey senator who makes a pass at her!

Mark Hammil does Luke in the first two, C3PO is the same guy in all of them

Lucas fully cooperated w/ the productions and you get the idea these sound like the movies he would have made if he'd been allowed (I think Star Wars was intitally concieved as an old time movie serial type thing, not a trilogy of films)

FIND THEM HRC, you'll love them :D

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thats huge...maybe if i do somthin like it but use just planets that are in da movies an stuff like tatooine coucant naboo....but itll be hard considern this is only my secnond scenario(my first one i never posted, it was called 1964-Kennedy Lives) but yea anyway, any more suggestions for the map would help

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