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Anthony Kennedy Resigns

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10 minutes ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

Lol you never said that when Trump wasn't in office.

Not him. But I can see his argument of the Constitution designed to mainly benefit wealthy, white men- since well, they were the ones whom would write the original version of it. I highly doubt had women been invited to the 1787 Convention, we wouldn't have to wait to the early 20th century for women to vote. Had black americans been invited, I doubt we would wait till the 1860's- nor have the disastrous ruling of Dred Scott- for the US government to say black americans are citizens. Hell, same goes for Native Americans. Had the average citizen, not the high minded men we place on the pantheon of American society( Hamilton, Madison, Rutledge), I bet there would be provisions in the constitution defining how one's right to vote is protected. 

That said, I would be a hypocrite- an agnostic jew on a political forum- to say the document is far from perfect and needs to thrown in the trash. Just, for better or worse, it is slow to change with the society that live under it. 

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