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I am making these scenarios (a * means done or sent in) :

2006: Hart VS Heinz ___*, this is a congressional election.

PA 2006, 30% done, this is a gubernatorial election between Ed Rendell and Pat Toomey.

1824, 90% done, Clay vs Crawford vs Jackson vs Adams

2000,*, more than 20 candidates run for president.

2008,*, Jeb Bush, John Kerry, Peroutka, and Ventura run.

2012, 50%, Edwards, Romney, Alan Keyes, Ron Reagan

2016, 50%, Edwards, Santorum, Alan Keyes, Ron Reagan

Total Recall, 30%, California Recall Election between Bustamante, Schwartzenneggar, McClintock, Camejo run.

1996, 80%, This is a what if? scenario were Perot won and runs for re-election against Ted Kennedy, Ralph Nader, and, if he didn't die, John Heinz.

Food Fight, 60%, You'll have to wait and see. ;)

VP 2004, *, in this scenario, the vice presidents run for VP. It is Camejo, Cheney, Edwards, and Campagna.

Union 2004, 25%, this is if the south won and the union has an election.

Total Done:4 Total Left: 8

Please post what you think. :D

New to List/ Sent in

RI 2006, *, Rhode Island Gubernatorial

DC 2006: Barry's Comeback,*, Mayoral Election

Stan Walker 2052, 50%, Made up electin

The Green Dean Machine, 5%, Scenario of when Howard Dean ran for re-election.

Minnesota: The Mind merges, 10%, Ventura's run for governor

Proposition 1, 80%, Gay Marriage proposition election where Yea or Nea is your choice.

Illinois Senate, 5%, Keyes, Obama, Kohn, and Kuhnke run.

Delaware:Senate, 5%, Biden runs fo re-election against Castle

Governor, 5%, Delaware's governor runs for re-election

Under Consideration:

Post-Hurricane Election, A hurricane engulves Florida and Wyoming sucedes in 2020.

2008, Bush wins in 2004, economy colapses, and Mark Warner/ Ed Rendell run against Donald Trump/ Mitt Romney.

2004, Senate Forever, you are the party charis trying to win control of the senate.

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