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Minnesota Governor 2018

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You should make 1998 with Jesse Ventura,that'd be the most interesting 

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19 hours ago, Patine said:

Be wary of giving him any assistance or help, anyone. You may well end up disappointed and feeling you've wasted your time, like I did.

I made an embarassing mistake here, everyone. Due to the similarity of subject matter and the close timing in announcements of their projects and both being very new users, the criticism above was meant to be about @King_Tilden, whom I mistakenly also applied to @Berg2036, whom I inadvertently conflated with @King_Tilden. So, please, disregard my above statements (at least in regards to @Berg2036).

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Hi Jim,

  I put out the first version, its very rough and was based off my 2014 senate race. I will update the percents with 2016 results and add more endorsers. Also thinking about adding in with drawn candidates but not sure who people want?


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