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1 vote in Iowa Caucus

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I am going through my first game in a about 8 years....A lot of cool changes!

That said, I created myself...and going into the Iowa Caucuses I had about 12.5% of the vote. After the caucuses I had 1 vote. Is this a bug? It seems pretty off. Does it have something to do with creating myself?

EDIT: I think I figured it out. I guess you have to put yourself on the ballots now. 

I have no idea what I'm doing. Is there an in depth video or something? 

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Welcome back fam. Definitely been a lot of changes and I've only been here 2 years. There's no detailed video unfortunately but we could answer questions if you want. But yeah, you have to put yourself on the ballot.

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@admin_270 Addressing this particular issue, how would a fan made scenario for U.S. State Gubernatorial, City Mayoral, and almost every foreign popularly-elected Presidential election scenarios - in fact, virtually every fan made scenario one could use PI for that's NOT U.S. Federal Presidential election scenario - where gaining ballot access in each individual political region is not typically required - if you're actually on the ballot, in almost all of such elections, you're on the ballot straight across the polity in question?

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