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"Not Seeking" and "Undeclared"

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Hi all,

I haven't played in a while, but I was playing a primary in PI the other night and started my candidate as "Not Seeking." 

I was wondering what the difference between "Undeclared" and "Not seeking" was.

Additionally, I was wondering what kind of tasks a candidate could do as either of these categories. For example, I was wondering if there is a way to make offers/deals with other candidates even before entering the race. In this, it would be, for example, offering yourself as a surrogate to another candidate if they move their issue position, etc.

Anyway, really what I'm asking for is, is there a breakdown of what a player can do as an undeclared or not seeking candidate?

Thank you!

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so from my experience, being not seeking means that the candidate will just be there not aiming to win any primaries and is just a factor to affect other candidates. Undeclared means that depending on what candidate they are, they will randomly join in the middle of the race as a declared candidate and will be able to do things such as putting your name in the ballots in a primary. I never seen this happened to an undeclared candidate, but that's supposedly what they do. I don't think it matters whether your undeclared or not seeking, it all depends whether you join the race or not. Hope this helps!

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