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President Forever for Mac OS X

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I dub theeā€¦ Resurrected!!!

It's too bad with Intel Macs and Parallel/Boot Camp/VM Ware that there's less chance of an OS X version I imagine as all those solutions are pretty darn good.

I, however, lack an Intel Mac and so am still interested in a Mac version.

Failing that, does anyone know how well it runs in Virtual PC 6 Windows 2000 emulating a PIII 300 MHz/512 MB of RAM/16 MB of VRAM with no 3D acceleration?

Someone has got to have tried this but I can't find any information.

Hmm. Now that I think about I'm not even sure if my VPC/Windows 2000 can even be connected to wireless networks since that's all I have (google says dubious). God I hate Windows.

So. Anyone playing the game in Virtual PC?

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