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Joe Kenney screwed up

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17 minutes ago, Presidentinsertname said:

it was how it was given he try too hard to sound like obama he was dress poorly and was drooling. jfk would be spinning in his grave if he saw that speech.

So no substantive criticism? 

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Here's my thoughts on the Joe Kennedy and the Donald Trump Speech speech:

Prose of the Speech: A- for Kennedy and B+ for Trump

Both speeches were well-written for the most part. Trump's speech was kind of odd in that you could easily tell that two primary hands were at work. One wrote in Trump's voice and diction, and the other did not. The hand that wrote in a voice other than Trump's was quite good. The Trump voice and diction does not lead to great prose. 

Message of the speech: A- for Kennedy and D+ for Trump (This is where political preference comes in; therefore, bias)

Trump's goal was unity, but he consistently contradicted himself in this. Kennedy's goal was to show a compassionate alternative to those maligned or ignored by Trump's rhetoric. Trump did not bring up Russia once, even though its a major issue. Kennedy had to bring it up, in passing. 

Delivery of the speech: B- for Kennedy and D+ for Trump

Kennedy was clear, passionate, energetic, but he was too stilted when he spoke, as if he were trying to impersonate an Obama impersonator. He looks like a Kennedy, and he is a Kennedy, but he doesn't have the delivery of one. Trump, while clear, seemed to lack passion, and he seemed very low energy. I think he was trying too hard to be presidential, and somehow equated that with being calm, which he seems to think is to show less passion and less energy, which isn't the case (see Obama as a speaker). Additionally, Trump was reading a speech rather than delivering one. He is getting better with a teleprompter, but it's still obvious he is reading (somewhat painfully) off the teleprompter. This is probably another reason that the speech comes off as insincere (like Ted Cruz), passionless (like Ben Carson), and low energy (like Jeb Bush). Feigning empathy for 90 minutes can be draining for a narcissist.  

Superficial, cosmetic aspect of the speech: F for Kennedy and A- for Trump

Kennedy clearly applied a lot of lip balm or chapstick to ward off dry mouth and chapped lips in a cold Massachusetts winter. Very likely, it didn't show up that much outside of the lights, but once on stage it reflected everywhere. Drool probably isn't a good comparison, since that requires dripping and running and the shiny areas were stagnate, like glaze on donuts. Meanwhile, Trump was well dressed as he always is and otherwise doctored up as usual. 

Overall: B+ for Kennedy and C- for Trump

While Kennedy outscores Trump, I'd say Trump exceeded expectations more than Kennedy did. I expected Kennedy to get an A, and I expected Trump to get a D-. In the end, the cosmetic fiasco will have almost no negative impact on the future of Kennedy's political career, just as Rubio wasn't really undermined by his more active, purposeful fiasco (grabbing a glass of water). For Rubio, it allowed Trump one punch line, but it played almost no role in his losing the GOP primary. Democrats are also probably more likely to overlook Kennedy's cosmetics in any sort of primary. Additionally, Rubio ran for president soon after he gave his speech. Kennedy, unless he's a VP nominee, is probably going to be so far removed from this minor blunder.

@Patine @Presidentinsertname @MysteryKnight @RP Overlord @WVProgressive

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2 hours ago, Presidentinsertname said:

and that drud i mean he look like he eaten a tide pod (to be fair that may help him considering how dumb teens are these days))

You make absolutely no sense lmao.

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