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Republic of Alberta and Alberta Senate 2004

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The reason I am posting these scenarios on the PForever board is because I have created it under the President Forever engine.

I have created a scenario in which Alberta becomes a republic after Prime Minister Paul Martin tries to nationalize Alberta's natural resources. Alberta holds a referendum on separation whcih passes easily. The republic is based on the American electoral college system. I have created three new parties: Republican (right) Progressive (centre-right) Democratic (centre-left) and Green (left).

I have also created an Alberta Senate 2004 scenario with a few extra candidates that was based on the election for senators-in-waiting which coincided with Alberta's Nov.22nd provincial election.

Any thoughts? :)

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Would the basic politics of Alberta change? Or would it just be a change to the electoral system. Because if you're changing the party system or the political issues, wouldn't it make sense that Alberta would just keep it's current system rather than adopting one of the most backward systems in the world?

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