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Scenario ease

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most of the ones I've played seem pretty well balanced

hrc's stuff always is a 50-50 shot, the "ultimate" one, forget who did it is also very even

my red dawn has gotta be the easiet to win a republican (or the Wedge, cuz as SSV pointed out all yu have to do is play to get it into the house and the Reps always win)

historical ones for Dems all the FDR ones are simple, likewise '64 - in fact most of the pre 1948 elections are simple to win with one party or the other, depending on the year. 1912 is pretty easy as Wilson, 1860 is a cinch w/ Lincoln, '52 & '56 (which, btw is a hidden bones scenero in Manchurian Canidate - open the scenerio folder) simple as Ike.....

looking a David Leips, elections really didn't start getting tight until 1948 (excluding 1776 and 1800)

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