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Red Ken wins


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23 minutes ago, Presidentinsertname said:

Minimum wage, Tax credits, windfall tax on utilities, huge spending increase on education & NHS are all clearly left wing.

Human Rights Act, Civil Partnerships, devolution, Freedom of Information are huge changes - though not purely left wing they are more left than conservative (which is why so many Tories opposed them then & hate them now).

About the only thing you can say “he was not left wing” was he did not actively reverse Thatcher’s laws on unions or privatisations. (and, arguably, Iraq).

Some of the good things:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Devolution for Scotland & Wales
  • Good Friday agreement & peace in Northern Ireland
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Human Rights Act
  • Independent Bank of England
  • Civil partnerships (although he wimped on full 'marriage' this was progress)
  • Progress in reducing Child Poverty
  • Huge investment in education
  • Huge investment in NHS (+25% increase in real terms) - taking it to record high customer satisfaction, shortest ever waiting lists - very different to previous or subsequent governments who want to privatise NHS
  • Longest period of uninterrupted growth in UK history
  • Lowest unemployment for 50 years
  • Lowest inflation in decades
  • Lowest debt in decades (in 2007 debt was 2nd lowest in G8). Funny how people forget that.
  • Some people would say 'banning fox-hunting'. 
    Personally I'm not over-bothered either way, but for those who do care it is a big one.
  • Positive & constructive relations with EU
  • Kosovo & Sierra Leone. Not wholly good and definitely controversial, but many people would say (at least at the time) they were 'good interventions'' ((this was from a list i found online))

So, necessary, practical, productive, or societally improving policies are how you define "left-wing." I knew their was a unifying theme to right-wing I didn't like. Thanks for pointing it out clearly to me. :S

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9 minutes ago, RFK/JFKfan said:

New Labour is certainly better (from a left-wing POV) than the Labour governments that both Australia and New Zealand had in the 1980s. 

I'm no expert on Aussie politics were there a lot of bad things going on at the time or are you saying they were very right wing? 

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