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Pellaken's Tsunami Challenge

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Pellaken's Tsunami Challenge

I just spent an hour walking downtown, and an hour walking back.


I went to donate $100 to the red cross for the tsunami victems. on the way back I was thinking... I should issue a challenge

This is one issue where peer pressure is a good thing. I understand some of you may not be able to afford this, I myself am an unemployed student, but I urge everyone to look serisouly at donating what they can. I know one guy who donated $4000. if I sold everything I have and added everything in the bank, I wouldent have even $4000! I'm not trying to pick on anyone who truly cant afford to make a donation, but I do want everyone to seriously see if they can beat me.

the challenge is to, yourself, donate $100 to the tsunami victems, or more. if you've done so, and please be honest, post here that you have.

may god help the victems.

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