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2 minutes ago, jdm06ltd said:

GOP controls 55 seats in the senate and 288 seats in the house (1 independent 1 libertarian in the senate) (2 libertarians 4 independents in the house)

That's a notably big proportionate jump in the success rate of the Libertarian Party...

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1 minute ago, jdm06ltd said:


Considering Romney is going to govern as a moderate, I thought it was a good idea to include some Libertarians. Lots of folks say I am a libertarian....lol. I am too loyal to the GOP. 

I can't claim such party loyalty to anyone. I'm a pragmatic, principled, strategic voter unbeholden to party machines (even I though I have firm ideologies and beliefs that guide me). As I've said a couple of times, if I had been eligible to vote in 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, I would have voted for Rocky Delafuante, because ALL of the others were just monstrous to me.

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Idiologically I am a Centrist, but I keep loyalty to a party for the sake of my political career and endeavors. My only real "Principles" are my view on economics, vets, same sex marriages, and Foreign policy. On economics I am staunchly GOP(with 1 or two minor compromises) i think vets should have anything and everything our country can give them because they served our country, i think homosexuals should be allowed to marry but pastors and bakeries should be free (as it is their right and economically nothing goes unpunished) to say, "I dont believe in that" and refuse to marry a couple or bake a cake. For the bakery there will likely be economic and civil repercussions so the Fed need not get involved, leave it to the local community, as for the pastor forcing him to marry someone is against his religious beliefs which violates the 1st Amendment anyone can become certified to perform marriages these days they will find someone else. 


I can side with either side on Foreign Policy and everything else....according to my latest isidewith.com test I am 64% Republican 62% constitution Party and 51% Libertarian....


And I identify as a "Right Wing Libertarian" on the idiological scale. 


There really is no home for me politically, may as well try to create the GOP in my image....





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