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14 hours ago, Sami said:

For me 2012 2016 or 2000 could be good, more than 2004.

It to class them...

Hard to say

I did steal the 2004 Nomination from Bush in a custom Scenario, I just copied Lincoln Schafee a few times and made 1, Alan Keyes, another Colin Powell, and the other Pat Buchanon. And we all teamed up to beat Bush at the convention

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1 minute ago, TheLiberalKitten said:

Should I worry if I don't? :P

Ainsley hayes was a "voice for the opposition" in west wing. She helped the president get the Republican house members and senators on his side....

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Romney wins Georgia

Romney wins Idaho

Romney wins Kansas

Romney wins Massachusetts

Romney wins ND (almost even Delegate Split with Santorum)

Romney wins Wyoming

Romney wins Ohio

Perry wins Oklahoma

Santorum wins Tennessee

Romney wins Vermont

Romney wins VA



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