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@RP Overlord has agreed to GM this RP.


I will have a scenario that I will do that will elect a President that I play as. 


The only real characters will be a Vice President, and the President, everyone else may create a custom character.

We will need:


Chief of staff

Deputy chief of staff

Communications Director

Deputy Comms Director

Press Secaratary

Other positions will be available when we het enough ppl.











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27 minutes ago, jdm06ltd said:

Which Scenario should I do?


Custom 2000?



2016? (Will be limited with issues) 

I would love to be Vice President. Maybe 2016?

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5 minutes ago, jdm06ltd said:

My only concern is that 2016 limits us. As not enough time has passed to make sure we have issues. We can do it, but there would be a lot of making it up as we go.....




Good point, 2012?

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Just now, jdm06ltd said:


Always with the GOP. 

I talk about the History :P

I got 388 great electors with Gore in 2000 and 498 with Clinton in 2016, you can be a good player but in the context of the Roleplay the Dems have a solid lead to victory in 2012


There was the middle of projections for 2012, almost no map was giving the victory to Romney or the GOP but they were given around 240-250.

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36 minutes ago, jdm06ltd said:

found that winning Massachusetts is doable with Romney. 

If he had run on the platform he did in 1994 for Senator (even though he lost) or the platform he'd run successfully on for Governor, he might have won Massachusetts (and quite a few other states) in 2012, quite possibly even winning the election. But with the platform he did campaign on (or at least the one he settled on in the GE after all the flip-flopping, waffling, and seeming uncertainty and ambiguity during the Primaries), Massachusetts was realistically out of his grasp.

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