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  1. 1. Are you interested in taking part of the 1992 Roleplay?

  2. 2. Are you interested in other RP campaigns?

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I would be interested, but I don't have the time.

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Here are some interesting proposals of close races if we do not continue the 1992 to 1996, but I personnaly think we should continue our alternative history:

USA 2000

Spain 2008

Spain 2015

Germany 2005

Catalonia 2017

Canada 2015

France 2017

USA 2012

USA 2016


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I can't join any RP games until I'm done with all Historical Scenario Updates, including the final update, which means I'm unlikely to join an RP until probably like 2019. Even then, I'd be pretty picky about it. The "Dungeon Master" organizing it would have to be very capable at running it (I haven't read any of your RP's, so it may be well run), and it would have to be an election that I'm extremely interested in. I might even be up for an extremely fictional RP, starting in 1788, and each week of real life, represents a year. So every 4 weeks, we have an election. But this would require people being extremely active on the RP every single day, multiple times a day. I feel like a lot of people usually run out of steam on these things, or get lazy. 

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5 hours ago, RP Overlord said:

Does anyone want to be a co-DM with me?

I'd also love to depending on the outcome of this one.

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I will be looking for 2-3 co-DMs, (one for Democrats, Republican and, Independents/3rd Parties) You will be doing the following

  1. Help me create events that will shake up the campaign
  2. Help with Polling and Endorsements
  3. Help me add expansions to the next RP (scandals, fundraising, anything else)
  4. Be able to DM if I am busy.
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