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We are getting closer to the 2018 Colombia presidential election. The most consequential election to date, because it's the first time a president will inherit the country with the peace processes with FARC and ELN terrorist and rebel groups finished. ¿Where After-Conflict Colombia head?  For the first time Corruption is the main issue and Political Parties are 90% viewed negatively, will that be enough for the Anti Corruption "Coalition Colombia"? Or will the on-going discontent and opposition to the peace process and Santos elect a president aligned with Former President Alvaro Uribe? Will the consultant and juggernaut political machinery of Vicepresident Vargas Lleras win on a populist and change agent election year ? Will Colombia finally elect a far left leader or will Petro perish with the Venezuelan crisis looming? De la Calle is not a change agent and offers steady leadership for after-conflict Colombia as the former chief negotiator of FARC peace deal, but will the change agent year leave him in last place? 




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