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I would like to see political operatives with special "abilities" added to the game. An example.

Every campaign gets a Treasurer and Campaign manager

Campaign manager gives a 100% accurate poll in the campaign HQ located in the homsestate, not a moveable operative.

Treasurer decreases the cost of ads in the homestate, not a moveable operative 

Operatives that can be hired and paid weekly.

Communications director- increases ad power in state where communications director is deployed.

Field Director- decreases CPs to build organizational strength and create foot soldiers.

Fundraiser- increases $ amount at a fund raiser by 15% (most expenive operative)

Press secaratary- gives +2 spin to the campaign

Black operative- Neutralizes opponent operative in target state (1 use then vanishes) 

Consultant- decreases the amount of PiPs needed to win endorsement, CPs get +4 endorsement points instead of 2 in state they are deployed in. 




May be over thinking this. But I think it would add more strategy to a game I already win with either party every time on the hardest difficulty. 


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