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Bios for Historical Scenarios  

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  1. 1. Which type of bios do you prefer for the Historical Scenarios? (See examples in the first comment)

    • The traditional 270Soft short bios
    • The full-length bios
    • It doesn't really matter, since I don't really pay attention/read the bios
  2. 2. Do you expect to play any of the Historical Presidential Elections updated by the Historical Scenario Commission, 1788-2020?

    • Yes, all of them.
    • Only the competitive elections, mostly.
    • Only the more recent elections, mostly
    • Only the older historical elections, mostly
    • Only the hypothetical 2020 election, mostly
  3. 3. Are you interested in testing the historical scenarios after the "final" updates, starting from 1788 to 2020?

    • Yes, all of them.
    • Only the recent 21st century elections.
    • Only the elections from the 20th century to the present.
    • Only the elections from Lincoln to the present.
    • Only the elections from Jackson to the present.
    • All of them excluding Washington's unanimous victories, as I'm not interested in races for the Vice Presidency.
    • Only the 2020 election, and potentially the HSC's version of 2016.
    • I am not interested in testing the scenarios.

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As I'm waiting for @TheLiberalKitten and @victorraiders to type in senators for the 1980 and 1984 scenarios, respectively, I've turned my attention towards the "final" updates for the earlier historical scenarios. If the full-length bios are preferred, I will send them also to  @jvikings1 and other creators of historical presidential elections, if they choose to include them. 

Which of the following bio would you prefer for the Historical Scenarios? Both examples below are for the 1788 bio for George Clinton. 

1. The 270Soft Traditional Short Bio:

Gov. George Clinton is the leading Northern Anti-Federalist. Could Clinton defy expectations by winning the Vice Presidency and upsetting the transition of America from a loose confederation to a federal republic?

2. A full length details bio (ellipses can't be avoided, as the paragraphs cannot be formatted):

Title: Gov. George Clinton...State: New York...Age: 48...Background: Clinton is arguably the leading Anti-Federalist in the North and opposes the US Constitution, which aims to federalize the states. He has been the governor of New York since 1777, and he shows no signs of voluntarily stepping down. Prior to taking office, he had serves as an officer during the French and Indian War, and briefly as a general of the New York militia during the Revolution. He was known for his intense hatred of both the British and British loyalists. Controversially, while governor, Clinton threatened to invade and conquer Vermont, which had declared itself as a separate state...Platform: As mentioned, Clinton opposes the US Constitution, as well as the independence of Vermont. If elected, he is likely to use his influence to minimize any changes in the country as we attempt to change from a loose Confederation to a Federal Republic....Forecast: Clinton is likely to only receive votes from electors with Anti-Federalist sympathies. As most of the electors were chosen on the basis of their support for the US Constitution, it is unlikely that Clinton can get enough votes without a very active campaign. Clinton seems content being governor of New York...Reality: As expected, Clinton received token votes, but fell behind lifetime rival New York John Jay, an ardent Federalist. This possibly foreshadowed Clinton's defeat by John Jay for reelection to the governorship a few years later. However, Clinton was able to take the office back from Jay in 1801. In all, Clinton served as governor of New York for 21 years, and with Aaron Burr, kept the Federalist from dominating the state, despite its leadership from Hamilton and Jay. In 1805, Clinton replaced Aaron Burr as Thomas Jefferson's vice president. Clinton's popularity and influence was such that James Madison kept him as vice president, upon his taking office. Clinton died in office in 1812, aged 72. His nephew, DeWitt Clinton, was a future New York governor and presidential nominee. 
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2 hours ago, vcczar said:

On number 3, how would I say my testing interest would be in a hand-picked set of scenarios, and not a whole range? I'd like to do a big range, but I'm inhibited by time, so I'd want to only commit to those several scenarios that most interested me.

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1 hour ago, Patine said:

On number 3, how would I say my testing interest would be in a hand-picked set of scenarios, and not a whole range? I'd like to do a big range, but I'm inhibited by time, so I'd want to only commit to those several scenarios that most interested me.

Obviously, anyone can opt out of an election at any time, and for any reason. 

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14 minutes ago, wolves said:

I just came back to 48 notifications, wow.

I prefer more regional elections like senate/governor to presidential anyway.

I do like Gubernatorial elections, especially if there's an interesting twist, like an underdog, ideological man-out, Third Party, or Independent candidate with exceptional electoral election performance, even a historical victory. However, I've lost my taste for U.S. Senatorial elections at the State level - I'd much prefer to do a CI scenario for all the Senate races for that year instead, myself.

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