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To poll or not to poll?


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@admin_270I'm finalizing my NJ Governor 2017 and have run into a problem. Normally we get the region percentages from the previous election. But 2013 was an overwhelming victory for Christie, and doesn't follow the election patterns. Usually when I simulate that race, it's a close GOP win. Now the latest poll is 51-35 Dem but when I turn General Election polls on, the opposite happens. The game sets ALL regions to roughly that range, while there are some deep red counties within the state. Even though I'm using popular vote, I still think that the region percentages are important. So in other words, the general election polls seem to have too strong an effect. I even experimented (with polls on) with taking one region and setting the region issue positions to exactly those of the GOP candidate. Still this normally Republican county went higher for the Democrat candidate then average.  It's tough figuring out how the polls work, and how the initial in-game percentages are calculated.

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