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Price Resigns & Trump Poll

Trump Poll, following Price resignation  

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  1. 1. Tom Price has resigned as Health Secretary after his scandal and failure at helping get Obamacare Repealed and Replaced. How do you rate Tom Price's tenure?

    • Great -- Media unfairly covered him
    • Good -- Media unfairly covered him
    • Average -- He wasn't that bad, and the media unfairly covered him.
    • Bad -- Media somewhat accurately captured his incompetence
    • Terrible -- He was thoroughly incompetent.
  2. 2. Considering Trump's high turnover rate in his cabinet and cabinet-level positions, you give Trump the following score for his executive appointments

    • A - Even those that have resigned/fired were terrific choices.
    • B - Those that resigned are a small fraction of his otherwise stellar appointments
    • C - He's made great picks and obviously some terrible choices, but they balance each other out.
    • D - He's made some good choices, but mostly bad choices, and I expect more to resign/get first or have crippling scandals eventually.
    • F - I expect the high turnover to occur continuously, highlighting Trump's terrible judgment in making appointments.
  3. 3. Who would make a good replacement for Tom Price?

    • I know someone (name below)
    • I don't know anyone to replace him

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1 minute ago, NYrepublican said:

What's your evidence for this?

A lot of the rhetoric on the issue of many, many Republican Party members comes across that, if they didn't have a Democratic Party opposition to compromise with at all but had unilateral carte blache they would want health care like it is in India - no coverage or regulated insurances, price-gouging fully inimpeded, services designed by nature with the expectation of only catering to the wealthy, far more people becoming doctors solely to become wealthy and prestgious rather than the ideals of the Hippcratic Oath, and the poor, if they receive any real medical aid beyond outdated and debumked superstitious "hedge remedies," being given such only by foreign physicians doing missionary work or working for charitable NGO's. This is a vision of health care that a lot of Republican rhetoric in the modern day, both directly addressing the issue, and extrapolated from ideal policies towards finacial and social issues in general, would be what would come of hypothetical unfettered and unilateral GOP legislation

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