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Rating Obama Poll

Rating Obama based off factcheck.org's "Obama's Final Numbers."  

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  1. 1. Which of the following numbers from Obama's presidency is positive for his legacy?

    • 8.6% Jobs Gained (beats both Bushes and Eisenhower, but not other presidents since Truman; JFK-LBJ had 29.3% and GW Bush 1.0%)
    • -3.0% unemployment rate change (beats every president since Truman, except JFK-LBJ and Clinton; Nixon-Ford was the worst; JFK-LBJ the best)
    • 7.7 unemployment rate median (the highest median of any president since Truman, because of the recession. Truman had the lowest; Reagan the 2nd highest)
    • 5.3% change in adjusted household income (beats Carter and both Bushes; Clinton had the highest and GW Bush the lowest)
    • -0.5% poverty rate change (beats everyone since Carter, except for Clinton; Clinton saw the lowest drop in poverty and GW Bush the highest rise in poverty)
    • 57.3% increase change in corporate profits (4th highest profit growth since Truman; Nixon-Ford saw the highest; Reagan the lowest)
    • 166% Rising Stock Price average (2nd highest since Truman; Clinton the highest; GW Bush the lowest and the only with an average loss)
    • 9.0% persons without health insurance (lowest percentage of uninsured; GW Bush and Clinton saw the highest by the end of a presidency)
    • Rising deficit (as with every president since Truman, except for Clinton)
    • 20% rise in home prices, but a drop in home ownership
    • Decline in illegal immigration--35% less people sneaking in under Obama than under GW Bush
    • 369% increase in solar power
    • 38% decline in coal power
    • 11% drop in carbon emissions
    • Ultimately no change in the murder rate
    • 33% growth in food stamp recipients
    • 43% increase in health insurance premiums
    • 192% growth in handgun production
    • 83% decline in prisoners on Guantanamo Bay
    • 284 fatalities in Iraq and 1,751 in Afghanistan
  2. 2. Based on the above numbers, you would give Obama's presidency an:

  3. 3. Including factors/decisions/events/results in Obama's presidency that aren't included in this poll, I believe Obama will be hailed in 25 years as a ....

    • Great President
    • Good President
    • Average President
    • Bad President
    • Terrible President

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