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Dukakis campaigns for Gore in Wisconsin, talks bipartisanship

Dukakis in Ohio, talks trade deals and Al Gore's position

Dukakis in Michigan, talks about the environment and how a Gore administration will balance business concerns with environmental protection.

Dukakis in Wisconsin, talks about tax reform

Dukakis in Pennsylvania, talks health care

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All these events I swear, what!?


Dole Talks Jobs in Ohio

Dole Announces NATO Support in California

Dole Townhalls with Residents of St. Louis, Missouri

Dole Campaigns in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia on Rural Culture

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Robertson and Reagan talk Marriage in San Bernardino, California

Robertson and Reagan talk Tax Cuts in Santa Barbara, California

Robertson and Nixon talk Experience in Yorba Linda, California

Robertson and Schlafly talk Life in Dubuque, Iowa

Robertson holds Trade Rally in Lansing, Michigan

Robertson talks growth in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Robertson and Dobson talk Marriage in Nashville, Tennesee

Robertson and Falwell talk Faith in Atlanta, Georgia

Robertson campaign releases ad on Tax Cuts and Reagan-Era Growth branding a new "Robertson Revolution" in NC, FL

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Dole and Robertson Co-Host a National Advertisement Highlighting Culture

Dole and Robertson are lounging in the setting of a typical family living room, about to discuss everyday life.


Dole: Americans, the word that defines our traditions and customs is culture. Let me ask you this; do you want your Government interfering with great amounts of your everyday lives?


In the background, you can hear a counterculture rally being covered on the TV, which has the Government letting the People have a voice and also letting the media cover it.


Robertson: You see, while we disagree with some values of American culture, we are not stepping in. Our roles as leaders is to keep order and security, but also let the People proudly represent their beliefs.


Dole: American Unity is a value that I chased after during my campaign, and I can assure you this value will still be strong throughout Robertson's Presidency.


Robertson: Culture defines who we are as Americans, and I feel honored to live in a society of freedom.


Robertson and Dole: Let us unite America, and keep America Strong! Vote Robertson/Dole for President!

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September 8th 1988 Polls


Al Gore 48.1%

Pat Robertson 45.6%


Pat Robertson 51%

Al Gore 47%


Pat Robertson 50%

Al Gore 47%


Pat Robertson 50%

Al Gore 47%


Al Gore 49%

Pat Robertson 48%


Al Gore 49%

Pat Robertson 47%


Al Gore 50%

Pat Robertson 47%


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Ron Paul Campaigns in Texas

"This election, we have a choice.  A choice between reducing the size of government or increasing the size of government.  Letting the people chose what to do with their money and having more money taken by the government.  This is an important point in American politics.  Ronald Reagan set us on a good path.  There were obviously some things that could have been done differently, but it was a great start.  Pat Robertson is against the Establishment.  He will keep his promises and fight to reduce the deficit and government spending.  He will continue to lowers taxes.  And, if all goes to as planned, I will work with him to achieve those goals.  The election is coming up in 2 months.  When you are at the ballot box, make sure to cast your vote for Robertson for President and Ron Paul for Senate.  Together, we can fight for a country in which the people dictate their lives rather than a bunch of snobbish bureaucrats in Washington."

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Al Gore office:

Let me cook Libertarians supporters for the Democrats.

Al Gore launchs New Democratic message across Georgia, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Florida he targets:


There's a new generation of Democrats like Al Gore or Bill Clinton and they're different from the old party positions, a generation of democrats who support the right for the states to decide about the death penalty, to support the right for the states for gun control who support a modern globalized economy where Welfare is a second chance, not a way of life.

Al Gore message: Well Libertarians, you saw the speech of Ron Paul, he tells the administration has to be reduced.

It is a part of our program, the Federal Reform we promised will bring clarity at Washington D.C. from the old administration led by the Republicans.

I also know that Libertarians support a progressive society, here is the sence of our pledges for Homosexuals, Women and Transexual people! Is Libertarianism linked with Church or faithfull positions like has been the campain of our opponent? We're doubtfull about it.

But the door is still open for the libertarians who didn't see which party was the closest societally and economically of their positions, we will be even there to give a democratic card to the member of the Libertarian party staff who truly realize the mistake made, as the Libertarians are not only an economic movement but a societal project of life!

For myself, I am a Democrat, but I pledge to reach everyone who defends liberty, and here is why the rulers of the Libertarans are disturbed to do not see an old "liberal" like they like to say about us!

Soon another part of the program will be revealed:

A call to Dukakis.

Mike, it's your turn to do the speech we agreed.

(OOC: Funny to see that "the old Democratic party" in the late 80's and 90's is now the NEW Democratic Party in 2018)

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Dukakis's message to the rust belt states 

"A Al Gore administration will work with Republicans and Democrats to get things done. It will negotiate fair trade deals and manage environmental protection with business concerns. We will try to get more of our children educated and get them job training that they need to get good jobs." 

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Robertson and Reagan hit Huntington Beach, California on Small Government

You know, Ron Paul is absolutely right when he says we need to shrink the Government. And Al Gore is not the person who has ever been the man for that job. You see, Senator Gore has been trying to shift to the center for this election, but when he does that, he is lying to America about his Ultra-Liberal record, not to mention that of his Vice President. We cannot fall for it, the stakes are too high. Look at the years of Republican Administration versus those of Democratic ones. The Democrats give us the Liberalism of Jimmy Carter and Al Gore, the Republicans of Ronald Reagan and myself. It is time that we take this fight to the Establishment, President Reagan has given the American people the tools it needs to dismantle the Washington Machine, now swing them as hard as you can by electing me President. I am the President for you! The one who will cut taxes and spending, will reign in Government power, and defend our culture. Now is the time for action, action for Americans. God Bless you all and God Bless California!

Robertson and Reagan provide a counter-message to Gore in Des Moines, Iowa

Sen. Gore is an honorable man, he just broadcast to a lot of Main Street Americans that his Administration will be one of Liberty. But I ask him this, when I stand with the Liberty candidate, with the Liberty President, and on an Anti-Establishment Platform of defending Main Street America from Wall Street and Capitol Hill, and he stands with people like Lenora Fulani, Jimmy Carter, and Mike Dukakis, all of them enemies of Liberty and friends of Big Government, and champions his platform of Tax and Spend Welfare, of Cutting into Businesses with the Regulations that drove us into recession and one of attacking our values, our Culture and our Faith, he is not the candidate for Main Street America. The Democratic Party no longer stands for regular Americans, when it pushes policies that destroy the economic growth that has exploded throughout President Reagan's term. Despite all odds, against a Congress dominated by Establishment Democrats, President Reagan has proven himself a Main Street Warrior, just as I hope to do as well. We cannot play around this election, the American people are breaths away from taking back their government, President Reagan teed it up, now America gets to take the shot, a shot right down the Middle of Politics as usual and the DC establishment. Together we can do this, as a nation we can stand together, and we can defeat Big Government, we can defeat Tyranny, we can defeat the desecration of our culture, and we can defeat the Party which puts all of these things above you, the American people! I stand here as the change agent, but I cannot do it without you. God Bless you all and God Bless Iowa!

Robertson heads South with Rev. Jerry Falwell, Phyllis Schlafly, and Dr. James Dobson to address Social Liberalism and Culture in Johnson City, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia

I was just as shocked as y'all were when I heard Sen. Gore start talking about desecrating our culture. When he says progressive society and begins talking about Homosexuals and Transsexuals, destroying the bedrock of marriage and letting men who think they are women use the same restrooms as our daughters. Well enough is enough, the immense majority of Americans say absolutely not to Sen. Gore's radical agenda. And that is what it is, Sen. Gore is a radical Social Liberal and we cannot afford to elect him President. I am simply taken aback. Polls show that well over 3/4 of Americans support Traditional Marriage. This flies in the face of all Americans, especially here in the South, here in Tennessee. I call on you to not allow this man to take the office of the Presidency when his views on Marriage, Life, Drugs, Gender and so many other issues of our culture today are so out of whack that even a majority of his party doesn't stand with him. I stand for American Traditions and Culture. And I stand with America, the Church going Americans who wish to see our culture preserved. The Americans who wish to see the will of our Creator honored and not cast aside. We cannot allow these desecration of Marriage, Life, Drugs, Gender, Faith and Creation to continue on. We must stand to end them. And together, we can, when the Establishment comes knocking to take away your Culture, we stand here ready to fight. I stand as your champion in that fight. God Bless You, God Bless Tennessee, and God Save the United States of America!

Robertson campaign releases Culture Ad to be played in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, and Missouri

A man and woman being married is shown

President Reagan: Marriage, a beautiful American Institution. A vast majority of Americans support One Man and One Woman. This is the American Traditional, this is our culture. That man and woman then have a child and bring forth God's beautiful gift of Life. God creates this child so beautifully, and he creates them boy or girl. This is the American Dream.

The Family is shown several years later

Phyllis Schlafly: But there is a dark danger to the American Family Looming. Cultural Liberalism that seeks to destroy Marriage, Life, and the very concept of Gender now has it's agents in D.C. One of these Establishment actors, Al Gore. 

Vice President Bush: And it gets worse, not only does Senator Gore's Liberalism attack the American Family, but it rejects Mrs. Reagan's "Just Say No" Drug Policy that has taken Drug use to task. We cannot allow Drugs to flow back into our streets. It is through the lack of Culture that the Drugs so effectively pervade our society.

Jerry Falwell: When we turn away from God, we allow these things to take over our Nation. Gay Marriage, Abortion, Transexualism, Drug Use, and many more of these phenomena are becoming all too real for many Americans. 

President Reagan: But for every American that just wants a better life for his or her family and for the very Culture and Traditions of this nation. There is hope. Pat Robertson is the man for the average American. The man that understands the Family Values that have made this nation great. He will defend the Sanctity of Marriage and Life. While providing a hardline stance on Drugs and the desecration of God's creation. 

Pat with his family

Pat: But I cannot do it alone. I need your support to defeat the Washington elites trying to push this on us. It is time we took a stand for what's right. For what's good. For what's American. I stand with you in this fight. And we won't stop until we've taken our government back for the people. God Bless you. I am Pat Robertson and I approve this message.

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Raise a huge smile in his office seeing the news:

Aaaaah the minister is spicy!

He fights very well against us, but he has his principles and he won't change these for winning, so the most convincing will win.

This presidential election promises to be exceptionnal.

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1 hour ago, jdm06ltd said:

-Stassen slams Gore on Coal in Montgomery County, PA-

-Stassen slams Gore on natural gas in Adams County, TX-

Ah, the generic, run-of-the-mill "slam" of your opponent with no specific details. A favourite move in the WWA ring... :P

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Dole talks Poverty in Chicago, Illinois


Dole talks Welfare in Detroit, Michigan


Dole talks Responsibility in Erie, Pennsylvania


Dole talks Hunting in Concord, New Hampshire


Dole talks Forestry in Augusta, Maine

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(I only have one movement left before the next turn so I will try to spice the race)

Al Gore office:

Well, Robertson highly started to make me look as a dangerous liberal but with another approach as I'm the most moderate of the Democratic Party.

We know that whoever wins a clear majority of the moderates will flip the swing states.

If he tries to show us as a dangerous Libertarian, let's show him with the same kind of respect as a people man who would make America "an Amish paradise".


Al Gore press conference in Nashville: Tennesse


Thank you to be there!

First of all I want to be clear on a thing, I truly respect Mister Robertson, I think that he is a true faitfhull man and a true Republican.

But I would like that everybody look at how our victory at the Convention is disturbing for the GOP.

On Homosexual marraige threat:

I would like to remind our platform:

Homosexual and Transexual Rights:

The Democratic Party is comitted to

-Negotiate a federal ban on the last states' laws which condemn homosexuality as a deviance.

-Open a national debate on more rights for Homosexuals, let to the state decision.

-Officially accept that Transexual people who genetically changer their gender also have the opportunity to change their gender on civil ID.

It's the same thing I did when we voted the "Liberty of Life" law that the current running mate of the Republican ticket voted for.

So there is a conception of fighting hates which is supported by tierce of the americans, a tierce opposes and a tierce is undecided.

At no moment the government I would like to lead plans to force the states to do something in a centralist will, the legislative assemblies of the states and the local supreme courts are the most qualified for this kind of crucial question and as a true defendor of the federalism idea I want to defend it.

With this position, we are not only 25%, we become 33% and only the same opposes us in the polls while a third tierce stays neutral, we can gain this tierce.

Second biggest attack from the GOP side, the famous dangerous liberalism.

Something in which the Gore campain for the first time of the campain had the argument.

Concerning the last speech of the GOP campain in Iowa I have to admit that I am surprised.

There are thousands of farmers who had to close their establishments since this last decade due to the Reagan era which increased poverty, our plan is, as said Mister Robertson quite centrist, because we want on there to adapt economic conservatism and here's how:

-Create a national cotas on farm produces

-Devellop a national budget to support farmers for 6 to 24 months in the duty to let them the choice between leaving the activity or invest in technologies

-Devellop education reformations for the farmers who want to leave the profession

-Support R and D in modernized Agriculture to reduce the costs of production.

We want that the hundreds thousands and millions of American farmers who live in Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and even Louisiana get out the poverty as the rest of the Midwest activity in this domain, but we share a different conception.

For the Republican party, not forcely Mister Robertson himself but the normal conception, economic liberty is economic freedom, of course on the theory it is.

But in reality, the government is there for one thing, be the policeman when this liberty constrains the others or kills the policy of the free concurrence.

There is no liberty when someone killed his economic opponents by tactics and controls an economic market to not let anyone starts an economic concurrence against him, and right there the consumer is no longer the winner.

That's why the government is there to protect the liberty of concurrence.

Right there, the economic concurrence killed a whole national market and putted hundred thousands of farmers on their own, and economic freedom did not save them.

So the government has to help them to be back in the competition. Either by changing jobs, either by receiving help. They can't get out of this situation without our help and this has been prooved this last decade.

That's all the dedication of our party for every American who could suffer of the economic conservatism which helped the economic growth, but which isn't perfect.

The bases of his economic centrist platform are posed, the role of the government too, and he reminded that the farmer crisis under the Republican administration isn't yet solved accross the Midwest, it's a good returnment of ball.

But right there, a final question has to be asked:

I would know ask to my opponent who I respect for his life and his values which are part of the American greatness, if he stands against the "anti-homosexual" laws which consist to declare homosexuality as a deviance and sometimes even a little crime or a disease.

The vice presidential candidate Bob Dole clearly answered NO, and the American people could be interested to know for himself.

It's one of the major point of strife within GOP rulers.

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September 19th Polls


Al Gore 53%

Pat Robertson 44%


Pat Robertson 50%

Al Gore 46%


Al Gore 49%

Pat Robertson 47%


Pat Robertson 49%

Al Gore 47%

West Virginia

Al Gore 51%

Par Robertson 46%


Al Gore 48%

Pat Robertson 47%

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Robertson and Reagan rally on Jobs in Appleton, Wisconsin

I am proud to stand up here with President Reagan before you today. Because today we are in a grueling choice for Americans. We have a choice whether to continue the Reagan era Revolution of Jobs, Freedom, and Culture, or we can return to the Liberalism of the Carter years. I know which one works for Americans! Now is the time for choosing that we choose the future that best suits the needs of the country today and tomorrow. We need the Free Market to continue to boom and spread its economic success across the nation. We do not need Government regulation and we do not need giant bureaucracies to dictate our lives. We cannot afford four more years of Carter, that is what we get with Senator Gore. I stand here for you, the new, grassroots conservative choice, the choice for the people! God Bless you and God Bless America!

Robertson and Reagan rally on Liberty and Freedom "Small Government" in Modesto, California

In 1975, Ronald Reagan announced he would run for President. He ran a good and hard race, but came up just short. But a short four years later, after the extreme failings of the Carter administration, Ronald Reagan carried the Conservative tide to victory. That victory has brought for us a Revolution that has returned the government to the people. But we are not finished yet. We cannot turn our back on this revolution. We must always grow the power of the people in the face of government tyranny.  The government must protect our Freedom and Liberty, otherwise it is not doing its job! Jimmy Carter, Mike Dukakis, and Al Gore don't recognize this. Real Grassroots Americans do. That is why we can't afford another administration of those men. I implore you to stand against government tyranny and vote for your culture, vote for your freedom, vote for your job, your wages, and your Liberty. We must stand together and further this Grassroots Revolution. And we can only do it together! God Bless you and God Bless America!

Robertson addresses West Virginians in Charleston, West Virginia

You know, West Virginia is a state that seems to have been forgotten by the Democratic Party. It comes every four years and asks for your votes and then leaves to strip West Virginians of their guns, their culture, their jobs, and their freedom. Except, something happened, just four years ago, in 1984, West Virginians said enough is enough and refused to vote for a Big Government Liberal like Gore, Mondale, Dukakis, or Carter! They voted for Ronald Reagan, the President for the people. This year, the Democrats have once again proven themselves to be radical leftists. Out of touch with the 90% of West Virginians who respect Marriage and Life. We cannot allow them to get away with their war on West Virginia. Every aspect of the Democratic Party declares war on West Virginia. From Gun-grabbing to tree-hugging to Bible-burning. I was born just across the border in Lexington, Virginia, I know what you are going through, and I can say that another four years of Carter is simply unaffordable for West Virginia. So I ask that you stand with me and the Conservatism that works for you. That we continue this revolution against the establishment. Together we can do this. I vow to never forget the Americans downtrodden for DC. And together we can stand to make your voice heard. God Bless you and God Bless West Virginia!

Robertson and Schlafly talk Life in Knoxville, Tennessee

Al Gore is a Pro-Choice Radical, and his running mate, ultraliberal Mike Dukakis is even worse. We cannot allow this pair to get in to power in DC. The establishment now seeks to destroy Family Values, that stops here in Tennessee. But here the grassroots must stand together and we can stop this madness, together! God Bless you and God Bless America!

Robertson runs Jobs Ad with Reagan in Pennsylvania


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Dole Attends a Festival in New Hampshire


Dole Rallies on Fair Taxation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Dole Canvasses East Tennessee Homes


Dole Visits a Factory in Cleveland, Ohio


Dole Appeals to African Americans in Chicago, Illinois

During the years of FDR, many of you abandoned the Republican party because the party abandoned you. However, I am here today to announce that any sort of abandonment we did in the past will not occur during our administration. We are the party that will make sure that everybody is treated as equals, and not putting bias toward the specific parties the Democrats claim they are rallying to relieve.

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(just a turn because I do not have the time tonight)

Al Gore's office:

Oh Ho....I will do a turn in Virginia then seek an add about it.

Al Gore in Richmond, Virginia, attack GOP criticizes truth:

It's now clear that the GOP fears our chances of winning this election. In one of his last meetings Robertson told that I was a hardcore liberal on abortion, but the truth is different.

I opposed in Congress during this last decade a federal funding on abortion because I defended the right for the states to choose and I continue to think in a federalist logic as Senator from Tennessee and pure defensor of the american federalism.

We will try to figure out and point every GOP attempts to lie about my records, or those of Michael Dukakis, even the Democratic Party, let's not kid ourselves, we will win!

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Robertson makes response in Native Lexington, Virginia

There Al Gore goes again, flip-flopping on his record. Mark my words, if you let Sen. Gore get away with this, we will have a Pro-Choicer in the White House. And Michael Dukakis, do not even try to make that pretty for the American People. His odious record is well-documented. The fact is that the Democratic Ticket is not one of Values or Prosperity, but the opposite.

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