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As you know, I posted my updated 2020 Election, which I will continue to update. Please post your feedback and suggestions for improvement here. 

I know, for instance, that I should update the campaign issues, and some of the potential endorsers, as well as add some candidate. 

Currently, I've been adding some more Events. I will probably have one event per day to make it appear like a real Trump-era news cycle. What's funny is one of my events-to-add was "Trump fires Bannon" on July 19, 2019. I've since changed that to, "Bannon's Back! Trump makes controversial Steve Bannon as new Chief of Staff!," Since I have him firing his Chief of Staff a few days before. As the establishment GOP is attacking Trump at this point, I have Trump going full populist, for the most part.  

If things appear worse for Trump in real life, I may make the possibility that he runs 3rd party. I'm not sure how this happens. 1) He doesn't gain the nomination. 2) He voluntarily creates his Nationalist Populists Party. 3) He gets evicted by Republicans that feel their attachment to Trump will ruin their careers or chances of a 2020 victory. I'm not sure how I would program this in a single scenario, but I will attempt to do so through events. However, I won't add this into the scenario unless Trump's approval drops below 30% in the polls, and more Republicans other than Kasich, Sasse, Collins, Murkowski, McCain, Graham, Corker, Hatch, Rubio, etc. speak out against him. 

You'll notice I have Jon Huntsman as a Senator. I don't expect him to accept Trump's offer as Ambassador to Russia, except maybe as a means to investigate Trump himself. I think if he does take it, he won't stay long, and he will still run for the Utah senate seat by January or February 2018. He and his family are popular in Utah, and I think he could win any primary or election for that seat rather easily.  

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27 minutes ago, NYrepublican said:

 @vcczar You may want an event or two related to PTSD2(President Trump Stress Disorder)

Can you define that so I know exactly what you're talking about?

I've added tons of events for July 1919 to January 2020. Lots of chaos, despite this, Trump seems to win renomination when I simulate through it, despite tons of negative press. 

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In my simulation, Booker/Franken defeats Trump/Gingrich in a landslide. Generally, Trump sneaks by at the end (but loses the popular vote), since I give him an artificial boost at the end, so the polls end up being inaccurate, somewhat like 2016. 

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On 8/24/2017 at 9:38 PM, Nulla Lex Ink. said:

Would you be open to adding Deval Patrick as a potential Democratic candidate? I only ask because I've been reading Obama and his inner circle have been trying to persuade him to run.

It's definitely possible. 

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On 9/4/2017 at 3:31 PM, NYrepublican said:

The Paul backs Trump on EU event happens twice

Yeah, occasionally I'll find that the event has doubled itself somehow. Thanks for finding this one. 

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3 minutes ago, NYrepublican said:

Rand Paul moves Republicans to 0 in VA

Having never been to Virginia, and only knowing a couple online, and no one person, from Virginia, I have absolutely no idea how popular he is there. I've never specifically heard his name and Virginia in the same sentence in a statistical, polling, or ideoligcal sense, in fact.

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1 hour ago, NYrepublican said:

If I select Rand Paul as Pres Candidate or VP candidate he by default gets 0% of the vote. I'll send a screenshot soon


Oh, I think I might have fixed this issue in my version. Someone else said something like this happened, but with Booker, I think. I think I went in and fixed it on Paul, too. 

When you go to the editor, and go to Paul, what does it say for his general election bonus under Virginia?

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18 minutes ago, NYrepublican said:

@vcczar I reported the Booker error

Photo 1 is of the editor stuff, photo 2 is when I selected him as VP




Can you check what Biden (and Biden's VP) and Cruz are on Virginia in your version?

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