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42 minutes ago, PoliticalStudent said:

I have France map done, but I don't have enough time to fill each department/state with flags, population and elegible voters. I offer my map to anyone who wants to do the French escenario. 


This will be of great use to some planned projects of mine, but, since they focus on the French Revolutionary period, a few borders will need to be tweaked (but fortunately, not too many), but I believe I can handle that part easily. Thanks for this map!

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1 hour ago, NYrepublican said:

@Patine I got a few more France maps lately. Including one of all the most populated communes.

One of the most populated communes would be even more in need of border and inter-regional adjustment (to the point of making it not worth the while) to change back to the late 18th Century. With all due respect, I believe a department-based map would be FAR better suited and much easier to tweak for the six elections held during the French Revolutionary period.

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