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what if you could track your own political career

start with a run for either the state legislature or congress.

each election moves to the next

you can run from state leg. to governor, or from house to senate

the longer you stay and gain experience at a post the better the chances you have for the next

also, your popularity during your term may increase or decrease randomly

you work your way up to running for president

Imagine working the game from 2004 to 2028

Is it possible? Comments? Solutions?

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Hi rick877,

Yes, that is possible, and it sounds neat. If it did happen, however, it wouldn't be for some time. Once you have the functionality for simulating all the sorts of races, that's part of it, but it seems you'd need some way to simulate how the term as mayor, governor, and so on, was served out.



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i assumed that the politician forever would really go from election to election

the public perception of you would change by a randomly generated +/-

i would think thats possible, like most likely you'll go up or down a couple points,

then theres the outside shot that youll go up/down 15 points. and that would affect how you start out as at the next election.

im sure its a ton of work tho

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What about turning that idea into: campaign manager forever? Since P4E is based on elections, your career would really consist of helping politicians run for office. You would start by helping someone get election mayor of a city, then run that help run that same guy or another guy for state senate. Then for US house, state governor, US senate, and finally for president.

The more elections you win the more people will want to hire you. If you lose all mayor races there's nobody who will hire you to help them run for governor. Also, the game will remember how negative your campaigns are, which will show on your record. Before elections, you should see the list of candidates, and be able to apply for the job of campaign manager. Candidates can refuse if they don't like your record. You could also get offers from candidates asking you to run their campaign.

That would actually be a game totally focussed on running election campaigns.

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