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1968 freezes before election night

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I've been playing the 1968 scenario straight from the primaries. I've been nominated, got my VP, and got a healthy lead in the polls. Unfortunately the whole game locks up before on election night. It doesn't even get to the results! It just freezes right before! I don't even know what went wrong, it doesn't even have a chance to generate an error report. Now, I may have added an extra candidate to the scenario, but I don't see how that would affect anything. I need help here, I don't want this whole thing to end up as an anti-climax!

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Since the 1968 campaign seems to work fine on this end, my guess is this has to do either with your custom campaign, or something specific to a game you are playing. If you send a compressed (zipped) copy of your custom campaign folder, I can attempt to recreate the problem.

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47 minutes ago, admin_270 said:

I don't know when the next update for PI will be. There will be a major update for PMI - UK first, then PI.

When will the next update for CI be, by the way? It's been ages...

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