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10 minutes ago, jvikings1 said:

I'm currently playing as France nd doing pretty well.  I've taken over Italy (they started attacking me and pushed me back, but I waited out the assault on pushed them back.  My extended Maginot Line (goes to the Atlantic) has held up, and the German have made very few attempts to try and break it,  Then, Germany rushed from the South and almost blitzkrieged to Paris and the Atlantic while trapping the bulk of my Southern Army in Italy  But, I was able to cut them off and then take the ports to cut their supplies.  And, I destroyed that entire army of 60 some units (including the bulk of the Hungarian army.  I've also taken North Africa, but the Italians have gained near Somaliland.  The British and Dutch forced Yugoslavia to capitulate, but for some reason they capitulated to China (who they were at war with because of Japan.  Japan is slowly advancing in China, but still has only taken half of it.  I am sending lend lease supplies in the form of Artillery and guns to help them hold out (in order to potect Indochina which I cannot afford to spare any troops besides the 3 divisions that start there).

I lasted as Poland until October 7th the historical surrender date (on my challenge). Much better than how I did when we played together when I capitulated Sept.23

I'll post a link to download the video soon.

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On 30/7/2017 at 8:29 PM, NYrepublican said:

@jvikings1 @ThePotatoWalrus  @LokiLoki22 @lizarraba @victorraiders @TheMiddlePolitical @CalebsParadox and anyone else I missed with at least one hearts of Iron Game (1-4)

Ultimate challenge (It'll be for a compilation):

You must begin as Poland in the 1939 beginning. No cheats of any sort allowed. It'll be made into a compilation. If you need help making the raw footage into a compilation PM me a link to the video and I'll make it. In the end I'd like to have a 270soft forum video.

The winner is whoever lasts the longest as Poland.

1 try per person.

I accept the challenge.

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