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What if NASA had the US Military's Budget?

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13 minutes ago, Patine said:

There's no short-term profit in space exploration - only a massive money sink. All potential profit is in the long-term, after large deficit expenditures. Unfortunately, given big corporations are always so short-sighted about that, and short-term profit at maximum levels must ALWAYS come above long-term ANYTHING (one of the biggest Achilles' heels and most disgusting aspects of corporatist thinking that may likely be the doom of the current round of human civilization into a new dark age eventually - perhaps even in our lifetimes), such private investment is not likely to happen.

I agree with you about the short term profits being a hindrance, but there are ways around that through public private partnerships where government funding can off-set the short term losses.  NASA has held competitions where companies demo and present their ideas, with large cash rewards going to the winning design

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