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1816 Election Update (Historical Scenario Commission)


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I'll post the updates/improvements to the 1816 scenario here. 

The Historical Scenario Commission consists of @jvikings1 @CalebsParadox @Patine @Reagan04 @TheMiddlePolitical @SeanFKennedy @Conservative Elector 2 @Take Me to La Riva @vcczar @NYrepublican @MrPrez @msc123123, all of whom will help in improving historical presidential election at their leisure. We will go in chronological order. 

[Anyone wishing to join the HSC can do so by posting here, and can help by playing through the scenarios to find areas for improvement, providing advice for improvements, and for suggesting events, finding typos or other errors. Suggestions for historical newspapers (for interviews), events, surrogates, fixing inflationary index, etc. can also be helpful. ]

Updates will be edited in the list below as they are made. 

~~~~Updates to the scenario so far have been~~~~

  • Events added by VCCzar
  • A simulation party has been added to watch the election by VCCzar
  • Issue descriptions mentioning Whigs and Democrats are changed to Federalists and Republicans by VCCzar
  • Region issues set by VCCzar
  • Money coefficient set to 3 by Patine
  • Issue images set by NYRepublican
  • Adjusted endorser support by VCCzar
  • Candidate relations set by VCCzar
  • Adjusted ballot access, so that states without Popular vote only support the candidates in which they'd realistically support by VCCzar
  • Adjusted general election bonuses for Federalist candidates by VCCzar
  • "primary delegates" set to take into account the population of the states of 1808 by VCCzar
  • Flags added by Patine
  • Issue descriptions set, including fixing typos in "Slavery," "Rights of the States," "Tariff," "Taxes" by CalebsParadox
  • Tammany Hall's support for DeWitt Clinton is increased by CalebsParadox
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@CalebsParadox @NYrepublican @Patine @jvikings1 @Conservative Elector 2 

I'm nearly done with this scenario. If I can get two playthroughs to find errors, typos, suggestions, etc. That would be great. Check the original post above to see what I've already done in the internal version. 1816 isn't the most exciting election, neither is 1820, but the what-ifs make it more interesting. I'm hoping the events, which will be in the updated version, will help make the scenarios more interesting. After 1820, we will help JViking1 update his 1824 scenario, which I fully endorse. 

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@vcczar Played through/simulated as Clinton. I did not experience any problems.


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I decided to upload this one since there's a lack of interest in working on it further. It's pretty much done. Now on to 1820!

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