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1796 Election updated to 2.0!

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The Historical Scenario Commission has updated elections 1788, 1792, and 1796 so far. These can be downloaded from the website. 

The following work has been done by the HSC for 1796

  • Experience reduced for some candidates by CalebsParadox
  • Money coefficient set to 3 by Patine
  • Very slight adjustments to candidate % by VCCzar
  • Gameplay tested and okayed by ConservativeElector2, CalebsParadox, and JViking1
  • Issue images added by NYRepublican
  • Adjusted some endorsers support by VCCzar
  • Events added by VCCZar
  • Unique event for Washington if he is turned ON, in which he is talked out of retirement following his Farewell Address by VCCzar
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