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1796 Election Update (Historical Scenario Commission


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3 hours ago, The British Empire said:

I'm having trouble with this scenario. It says it can't open file C:\Program Files (x86)\President Infinity\scenarios\United States - 1796\party_images\federalist_party_symbol.bmp, and that the system can't find the path specified.

1. Have you updated the President Infinity to the latest update?

2. When does this error occur? 

3. I'll try to see if I can replicate this once you answer these. 

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41 minutes ago, The British Empire said:

1. Just got it yesterday.

2. When I try to select it in the Change Campaign function. Same goes for 1800, and 1804.

Do as @NYrepublican suggests. I'm not having this issue and his suggestion seems like the most likely remedy. 

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