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2020 Issue: Student Debt


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Here's another issue w/ candidate positions. Let me know if anything should change. 

FL: Forgive all student loans immediately; pass legislation to make public colleges free or inexpensive [Sanders, Warren]
L: Forgive student loans after 10 years of income-based repayment; pass legislation to make college affordable [Gabbard, Garcetti, ShBrown, Grayson, Newsom, Moulton]
CL: Forgive student debt after 20 years of income-based repayment; work to make college affordable [Biden, McAuliffe, O'Malley, KHarris, Castro, Steyer, Schultz, Booker, Gillibrand, Cuomo, Heinrich, Franken, Buttigieg]
C: We have other important matters right now; keep things as they are, including income-based repayments [Kasich, Huntsman, Collins, Chafee, Edwards, Bullock, HClinton]
CR: Remove current forgiveness policies, but allow national service as a way for forgiving loans. Keep income-based repayment. [Graham, Rubio, Martinez, Cotton, Sasse]
R: Only the student's are to blame for their loans; remove all forgiveness and income-based repayments [Paul, Cruz]
FR: Remove loan forgivness policies; support insurance agents in their desire to increase interest rates for profit [Trump]
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