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2020 Issue: Energy


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Here's another 2020 issue with candidate positions. Please let me know if I should change anything. 

FL: Renewable energy all the way! Ban all polluting forms of energy like oil and coal.

L: Move towards energy independence focusing mostly on renewable energy sources. Subsidize clean energy. [Biden, Sanders, O'Malley, KHarris, Gabbard, Garcetti, Newsom, Steyer, Schultz, Warren, Heinrich, Booker, Gillibrand, Franken, Cuomo, Moulton]

CL: Invest in clean energy and end oil company subsidies. Cut oil use significantly by 2030. [McAuliffe, Chafee, Bullock, ShBrown, Grayson, HClinton, Buttigieg]

C: Renewable and non-renewable energy must be equally researched. [Martinez, Huntsman, Collins, Castro, Edwards]

CR: Reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil. Some research on alternate energy sources. [Kasich, Graham, Paul, Rubio, Cotton, Sasse]

R: Coal and oil are our main concerns right now. End dependence on foreign energy. Let private funds research other energy. [Trump, Cruz]

FR: We don't need to worry about renewable energy sources. Oil is king!

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