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Environmental Protection Act Referendum, 1995 (Al Gore, Ad Infinitum)


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I'm going away for a week, so this is my gift to you to make up for my absence (which I know will be taken with heavy heart :lol:)


This is the EP Act Referendum that featured in my Al Gore playthrough. Don't worry, the East Ren election is still being worked on, but I find PI easier to use.


Blurb: This is the first referendum following the adoption of the 28th Amendment, and a serious test for Al Gore's Presidency. On the well funded, powerful Vote Yes side, the Organising Committee, headed by Vice President Clinton, has elected political activist and environmentalist Ralph Nader as their Director. Meanwhile, the Vote No campaign is largely funded by it's Director Charles Koch and his brother David, with the majority of congressional support coming from Mitch McConnell, the Chairman of the No campaign, as most Republicans are to fearful to look anti-environmentalist ahead of the 1996 election


Vote Yes for a Greener America

Vote No

Federal Election Commission (Observer)



Yes - Director Ralph Nader, Vice President Bill Clinton. First Lady Tipper Gore

No - Director Charles Koch, Senator Mitch McConnell

FEC - Trevor Potter

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51 minutes ago, NYrepublican said:

Alaska never reports.

They just want to hide and cover up the fact that Alaskans (as well as other denizens of far northern reaches of the world) can much more clearly and easily see, day-to-day, the obvious effects of global warming and other environmental issues moreso than many parts of the world - but they want to maintain their strict PR as strong, solid, pro-Republican voters. :P

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