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2020 Issue: Iran


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Here is another 2020 issue, along with candidate positions. Let me know if anything should be altered. I really don't like the default Iran positions. 

FL: Iran should be allowed to develop nuclear technology. They'll only use it for peaceful purposes. 

L: We should deal with Iran through the UN, and uphold the Obama-era Iran Deal [Biden, Sanders, KHarris, Garcetti, Steyer, Warren, Booker, Gillibrand, ShBrown, Schultz, Grayson, Franken, Newsom, Cuomo, Moulton]

CL: Diplomacy and economic sanctions should make Iran see things our way. [McAuliffe, O'Malley, Chafee, Castro, Gabbard, Bullock, Heinrich, HClinton, Buttigieg]

C: Use diplomacy and economic sanction. Keep war on the table as a last resort. [Trump, Paul, Huntsman, Edwards]

CR: We should prepare for an attack if intelligence suggests that we should [Kasich, Cruz, Rubio, Martinez, Cotton, Sasse, Collins]

R: We should launch a pre-emptive attack, destroying their potential nuclear sites. [Graham]

FR: Launch a full-fledged attack and invasion against Iran for threatening our interests. 

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7 minutes ago, SirLagsalott said:

Mention that CR and beyond want to scrap the Iran deal. 

I think center wants to scrap it as well. So I'll mention it from there. Thanks for the advice. 

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12 minutes ago, vcczar said:


Actually, I'm wondering if I should assume that Trump will have undone the Obama Iran Deal by 2019. 

Yes probably do.

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