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London Mayoral Election-2016


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2 minutes ago, lizarraba said:

Yes, but I will only make it of the Second Round.

I'd say to make it for both since by the time it's finished two-round will have likely been released.

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1 hour ago, lizarraba said:

But i will make it of the Mayoral Election, not the Assembly.

Mine is too, but feel free to go ahead with yours, since I am not sure if or when I'll ever finish mine, though if you wanted I could share what I already have with you and save you a little work?

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1 hour ago, NYrepublican said:

@JDrakeify what scenarios are you currently working on?

Just the London Mayoral one, and infrequently at that. Maybe I'll do a couple of Spanish Elections as well, trouble is I'm not sure when PR will be introduced, and whether it'll just be on Chancellor Infinity (if such a game gets made at all).

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7 hours ago, lizarraba said:

Okay, but i will make a scenario for ONLY the second round, and then a scenario for the first round with the second round included.

Why only the second round? Forgive me, but in my viewpoint that not only takes out have the election but the more interesting half (if not the more decisive half).

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