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2020 Issue: Military Intervention


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Here's another one of the 2020 issues. Feedback is welcome in regards to the stances and the candidate's positions on the issues:

Far left: Remove all US troops from foreign soil. No intervention. We should never use our military. 

Left: Military intervention is another way to say, "Empire building" [Paul, Sanders, Castro, Warren, Newsom]

Center-left: For humanitarian reasons or if we are attacked [Biden, O'Malley, Chafee, KHarris, Gabbard, Edwards, Bullock, Garcetti, Steyer, Booker, Gillibrand, ShBrown, Heinrich, Schultz, Grayson, Franken, Buttigieg, Cuomo, Moulton]

Center: Only if we are attacked should we retaliate. War is okay to stop ethnic cleansing. [McAuliffe, HClinton]

Center-Right: We should intervene when our national interests are threatened. [Kasich, Cruz, Rubio, Martinez, Huntsman, Cotton, Sasse, Collins]

Right: We must never hesitate to defend America! Unilateral attacks are fine for national security purposes. [Trump, Graham]

Far-right: We have the most powerful military in the World! We should exert our power across the globe.

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