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Where are all my West Wing Fans?

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I was contemplating doing a west wing scenario. But I will need a hand. 

I dont know who ran for the Republican nomination besides Rob Ritchie in 2002....

In 06. 

I dont know who ran against Arnold Vinick and Glenn Allen Walken

I know know that Rob Russel, Matt Santos and John Hoynes Ran. I dont know who else. Stackhouse? 


Any help would be hot. 

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2006 Democrats

Bob Russell, not Rob

Eric Baker was the favorite until he chose not to run.

Senator Ricky Rafferty, Senator Wendell Tripplehorne, Atkins, and Clarkson were the other contenders.


2006 Republicans

Reverend Don Butler was a strong contender.  Governor Mike Reed of Ohio, Congressman Darren Gibson of Michigan, Allard and Johnson were the others.


2002 Republicans

President Bartlet said there were six contenders; three governors, two senators and "the head of the church of 'I Hate You'".  Ritchie is one of the governors.  Someone named Simon was the favorite at the start of the campaign.


2002 Democrats

Indiana governor Jack Buckland considered challenging Bartlet for the nomination.  There was also consideration of replacing Hoynes on the ticket with Admiral Fitzwallace, which could have resulted in Hoynes opposing Bartlet for the nomination or running as an independent.

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