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2020 US Election Narrative


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I've decided that I'm going to tailor my events to make my scenario into a more living and breathing election that it already is. Thus, I am going to amp up the creative licence a bit, while remaining in the realm of probability. As many of you know, the election takes place amid growing GOP dissatisfaction with Trump, and as he is facing impeachment. This will continue to be the case, but rather than be balanced about it, I'm going to make the scenario decidedly difficult for any player wishing to be Trump since he will be facing a pressure that only Richard Nixon and Andrew Johnson have felt. The scenario will offer several challenges for players:

1) Can Donald Trump stay afloat as support collapses all around him? In the event he wins the primary, can Trump promise that his second term will be what his supporters expected in his first term? Can he win back the voters he had lost? Several challenges to Trump may offer new hope in a new candidate for the GOP in 2020. 

2) Can Democrats survive their own inter-party civil war? Or will self-destructive behavior allow for the GOP to win a second term, despite the unpopularity of the Trump presidency? The progressive wing of the party aims to ride the populist wave of our new age, while the moderate wing is convinced of the dangers of populism, through its example in the White House. In both parties, we see a split between those wishing for bipartisanship to save both the country and the political system, while some see bipartisanship as the cause for decades of bad legislation. 

My goal is to have an event (many not influencing momentum) for most of the days, so as to make the news seem realistic. 

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1 hour ago, republicaninnyc said:

Donald trump tweets that FNM wants him to lose election - that is a good event.

I don't know what FNM is either

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