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My new 2008 Scenario :)

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This is how it looks:





Bush-not certain if ill put him in








Bill Gates: 350 million dollars :), hes an above average canidate, 1 experience hurts him alot.

When you play it, i suggest turning Liber. off, He has 0% for every state...

When I first started the game this is how it looked like (McCain-Edwards-Gates)

38-34-11 (mccain leads, 14% und.)

When I finished the election (using gates)

This is how it looked like:

McCain: 36% 325 EV

Edwards: 34% 214 EV

Gates: 29% 3 EV (Vermont)

-Gates was close in nearly every state

He came 3 points short (or closer) in: NY, CAL, PENN, FL, WASH, ALASKA, S.DAK, VIR, ORE

The only states where he failed to get 20% was Idaho, Georgia, S. Carolina, Alabama

He never got less than 16%

It looks like McCain killed Edwards with the EV, but Cal, Penn, Ohio, Fl, where all close.


In this scenario I changed D.C. to Puerto Rico, the "new" 51st state...

although PR is highly democratic. in the lecetion the republian has a chance to win since the conservatives in PR wanted and got to be the 51st state, courtesy Bush, and Republican house/senate.

Gates, has a good chance in PR, with visits, adds....

If you want to play it put up email adress, and add suggestions, comment, etc, and tell em your intrest level!!

Its really fun trying to win as gates

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I love having Puerto Rico as a 51st State. Is it actually added to the map?

If so, could you actually keep DC in addition to Puerto Rico? If not, that's fine, this sounds like an interesting scenario and I love the idea of Gates running for the Presidency.

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Its fun to run as him, because even with 350 mill, its tough to win more than even a few small states....

And I just replaced D.C. with P.R. If you want to help me make a map with PR in it that would be awesome :)

And PR is 7 EV since it has the population of Connecticut (actually 1/2 million more)

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