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New York State Governor Forever

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After loading up my old laptop, I retrieved all my old files including my old NYS Governor 2006 Scenario. I've updated it, added a nice number of candidates. Here's the list:


Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

Rep. John Sweeney

Lt. Governor Mary Donohue

Governor George Pataki

State Senator Joseph Bruno

Rep. Peter T. King

Fmr. Senator Alfonse D’Amato


Attorney General Elliot Spitzer

Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi

Mr. Andrew Cuomo

Rev. Al Sharpton

Sen. Hillary R. Clinton

Independence Party:

Mr. Thomas Golisano

Lt. Governor Mary Donohue

Mr. Anthony Orisini

Mr. Michael Benjamin


Mayor Jason West

Mr. David McReynolds

I've made the race a lot closer with a slightly weaker Independence Party, assuming the surge in the last election was a fluke and not the norm.


I'll be submitting it very soon, I just want to add a few more candidates...if anyone has any ideas, tell me. And, I'm as surprised as anyone about NYC going red..I kept NYC almost 100% Democratic territory...and ran the above situation as McReynolds and did nothing...

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In the last election it was ~55%-60% for McCall in the City. I think I'll increase their power a bit more there.

Yea, Schumer is a good idea...people did think he was going to run and even if he says he isn't, why not toss him in for more choices :D

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Upped the NYC Power for Dems, Added Buffalo as a separate district, added 4 more candidates:

Sen. Charles Schumer

Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello

Pataki's Secretary of State Randy A. Daniels

Mr. Matthew R. Newman - With massive delusions of grandeur, and even if it isn't allowed because of his age, Matthew Newman has decided to run for Governor. With no political experience, he is hoping that his youth and knowledge will swing the vote in his favor. :P

I'm looking for 2-3 Playtesters, any takers?

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Oh No...Poor Mr. Newman, who has a 1 on Experience :P

Spitzer's a strong candidate, then again...he is in real life. You can win as either Repub or Democrat, or at least you should be able to. NYC's a bit harder to take as a Republican who isn't from there, tho...and sometimes the Independence candidates are crazy in the number of votes they get, (I occaisionally see Golisano sweep Upstate NY)

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Ahh, I just assume Spitzer since he's the default.

Sent and Sent. I'm gonna hold off for now on any more beta testers until I hear some feedback. Let me know what ya think and be brutal. Leave comments here..

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After one game here's my thoughts:

One somewhat major flaw is that the map needs a black dot at 193,169; if you notice the default percents are always from Western NY and not the state as a whole, placing a dot there will correct this. Everything else looks great, except for some of the candidate photos are blurry (Pataki has the best photo), if you want I could help you with photos (I did all of them for Ultimate 2008), but overall they're alot better than some of them I've seen. I'll proudly give this scenario a solid A.

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Yup, did it on purpose, assuming the incumbent candidate had a slightly larger warchest for his reelection.

Though, actually, Golisano has the most money. The money for Golisano is EXACTLY what he spent in the last election, assuming if he was going to run again, he'd do it right.

Yea, I've noticed the issue with it focusing in on Western NY...I had no idea why it did that..I'll have to toss in that black dot, thanks for the info.

The worst photo in there was Golisano, I couldn't find a good one for him, so I cut down the best one I could...

Glad you liked it :D

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