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1637 Massachusetts Election 2.0!! (Events added)


1637 Massachusetts Election  

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  1. 1. Do you plan on downloading this election?

  2. 2. Why are you interested in playing this election?

    • I am interested in Massachusetts history
    • I am interested in colonial history
    • I long for the days when the separation of Church and State was barely existent.
    • I want to learn more about this time period through the game
    • I want to rewrite history by winning the election with a liberal (Henry Vane) or a more radically religious Puritan (Endicott).
    • I don't know why I am interested in the scenario, but I am.
    • I am not interested in this election
  3. 3. If you lived in 1636-1637, you would have probably voted for

    • Dep. Gov. John Winthrop -- moderate conservative, and the most powerful man in the colony since 1630.
    • Gov. Sir Henry Vane -- liberal incumbent governor who is much more of a Londoner than a Utopian puritan, and elected governor purely by his pedigree
    • Assist. Thomas Dudley - moderate conservative, and political rival of Winthrop, consistently the second fiddle trying to topple Winthrop
    • Assist. John Endicott - radical conservative, the fiery, militant leader of Salem

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2 minutes ago, vcczar said:

You're probably right. I'm unlikely to do any NYC mayoral election anytime soon. I'm getting to the point that even doing scenarios I'm 200% excited about making is making me stressed out, because of all my other projects, work, etc. in my life. If I could get away with 4 hours of sleep, like I used to do regularly, I would be able to handle all sort of projects. I need to be really picky on the scenarios I decide to make alone. I will, however, help people make scenarios. 

Same but Summer vacation comes up for me in half a week so I may have time to begin making it for you once I finish up the 3 elections I'm working on.

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