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2020 Election Candidate Percentages


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2020 Election Scenario (July 1919 polls) if all the candidates are ON. 
The scenario presumes that Trump's presidency has continued to be rocky and that anti-Trump centrist/moderates are most disaffected, putting their support behind Kasich, the most consistent campaigning anti-Trump Republican.

Republican candidates:

Undecided Republicans 40%
Donald Trump 22.6%
John Kasich 16.5%
Ted Cruz 6.5%
Marco Rubio 4.8%
Rand Paul 2.1%
Jon Huntsman 1.9%
Lindsey Graham 1.5%
Susan Collins 1.5%
Susana Martinez 0.9%
Tom Cotton 0.9%
Ben Sasse 0.8%
Democratic candidates:
Undecided Democrats 40%
Elizabeth Warren 9.5%
Hillary Clinton 9.4%
Bernie Sanders 8.8%
Joe Biden 8.4%
Al Franken 3.1%
Cory Booker 2.0%
Kamala Harris 1.8%
Andrew Cuomo 1.8%
Gavin Newsom 1.7%
Kirsten Gillibrand 1.6%
Julian Castro 1.2%
Terry McAuliffe 1.1%
Howard Schultz 1.1%
Sherrod Brown 1.1%
Tulsi Gabbard 0.8%
Jim Steyer 0.8%
Peter Buttigieg 0.7%
Alan Grayson 0.7%
John Bel Edward 0.7%
Eric Garcetti 0.7%
Martin O'Malley 0.7%
Steve Bullock 0.6%
Martin Heinrich 0.6%
Lincoln Chafee 0.6%
Seth Moulton 0.5%
Note: Trump's % greatly expand beyond Kasich's if most of the other candidates are turned OFF. Likewise, Warren and Sanders greatly eat into each other's supporters. 
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3 hours ago, SirLagsalott said:

Buttigieg should not be higher than a lot of these other more nationally visible politicians. 

That's true. I didn't realize where he, or many of the candidates were nationally until I typed out the %s with everyone on. I'll diminish his numbers. 

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