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lose 50% in a state one turn

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what happens when you have 50% of the votes in the state one week before primary and then suddenly you got 0% vote?

i had a lead in 4 states on 1 mars voting and  the lead was average 10% over the next opponent, not undecided voters.  i  ended up with getting 0% of the votes, and hillary tok all the states. And it was no scandals the week before, and i had postive momentum more then hillary

I am O¨maley and its against Hillary,Bernie, Biden and Webb.


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This happens a lot in the Democratic primaries for some reason. When I don't play in the Dem primaries usually this issue works in O'Malley's favor by having him win all the early primary states for no reason and then lose every other contest after. From what I've experienced before, the candidates will all pile up on the clear frontrunner (in this case, you in a state) and then attack them relentlessly until they have like 2% but might have 45% everywhere else. It's a very odd issue that normally happens when there are a lot of candidates (i.e Republican primaries 2016) but yours only had 5. So there might be another problem too.

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2 hours ago, SirLagsalott said:

Actually, now that I think about it, you said you went from 50% to 0%. Were you on the ballot?

Good point.

I never truly got to 0% but I do take a huge hit from support.

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